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tv   First Business  FOX  December 3, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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fund landing more than one million shares. should you buy that stock too? keep it here.. first business.. starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas good morning. it's monday, december 3rd. i'm angela miles. it's the final trading month of 2012 in today's first look: the nasdaq turned in its best performance in 3 years in november as tech stocks kicked up gains.-- 1.1% for the month. meanwhile a number of retailers made the list of goods stocks and bad for the month. on good gainers were: abercrombie and fitch, green mountain, game company electronic arts. on the bad side..
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sears, jcp, and khols... u.s. and european regulators take on google's market domination at a meeting in brussels today. and a new study shows it takes earning $161,000 per year to make most people happy. kevin craney of rjo futures joins us for a look at the week ahead. good morning to you kevin. good morning. we have jobs on tap for friday and all week long. of course the fiscal cliff talks--what will you anticpate from the market? i think the markets are really going to be dealing with the political wrangling over the fiscal cliff to begin the week. really no agreements to speak of and i really don't think you're going to see any. it's going to come down to one of these last minute issues because both sides continue to butt heads and we're no closer than we were two weeks ago. from an employment perspective, look for the numbers to come in on average probably around 100 to 125 thousand jobs created. that's where our average really stands. maybe some skewed data from hurricane sandy but you back that out and i think things really stand the same. gold futures and options are very popular right now. what's going on here? i think really one has to think about if this economy would ever get any legs,
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any momentum. you have to think about the inflation picture. the fed has got so much emphasis on this market. it's an open ended quantitative easing market at this point. any type of momentum, any type of inflation, people are going to be concerned about that and that's why you're seeing this major interest in gold. will warmer this week bring a chill to nat gas? i think definitely it will. you saw last week futures prices sink back to 350 or so on a bigger build in inventories when we were expecting a draw. we look at the extended range forecast and we do see warmer temps across the east coast and the midwest. it's going to take a cold winter to draw off these inventories and to bring prices back up to higher levels and we're just not seeing that at this point. thanks kevin, have a good week. thank you. mexico's new president was inaugurated over the weekend. 46-year-old enrique pena nieto says he wants to change mexico's relationship with the u-s toward trade and manufacturing and away from violent drug cartels. our cover story takes look at nieto's priorities. mexico's newly-elected president enrique
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pena nieto who visited the white house last week, inherits a war within his country. this youtube video posted two months ago describes drug cartel hitmen capturing sections of juarez, across the border from el paso. "part of mexico's problem is that it's affected by the us, by our drug policies." pena nieto vowed to cut mexico's murder rate in half by replacing poorly-paid local police with a centralized force. some say that may address the symptoms but the cause. "you've got to pay the police well or they'll become corrupt.combine that with our drug policy which fosters illegal supply with demand and it worsens mexico's situation." despite gruesome crime scenes, mexico is a good bet to pimco, which now owns more than half of mexico's fixed rate peso bond market. a fifth of its population has now reached the middle class.
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carmakers, volkswagen, nissan honda and mazda are planning to spend billions on new plants in mexico. "i think there are some concerns that us labor has with what goes on in mexico and a lot of us firms have benefitted by exporting to mexico." pena nieto won just 38% of the vote in a three-way race. his party, the pri, reclaims the presidency after 12 years out of power. but it's new president says it is not the same pri marked my corruption and coercion that controlled mexico uninterrupted for 70 years. pena nieto also wants to open mexico's national oil company pemex to international partnerships--to exploit deep water reserves in the gulf of mexico and shale oil deposits along mexico's northern border. that's an area believed to hold the world's fifth-largest reserves. it's prime time for holiday shopping and yet-- ups and, ebay and amazon are still looking for hires. ups still has 200 openings and is paying employees a $150 dollar bonus to
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recommend new hires. at ebay subsidiary gsi commerce in lousiville, kentucy-- 300 more people are needed and and amazon is stil shopping for gift wrappers, shippers and receivers at it's plant in jeffersonville, indiana. eurozone unemployment breaks another record as it hits 11.7% in october with more than 18 million people out of work across the region. the numbers don't give a clear country-to-country picture however. austria's unemployment rate stands at 4.3% while both spain and greece top 25% with youth unemployment in both those countries near 60% news out of the midwest about the economy could bode well for
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today's national ism number. the chicago mni index---also known as known as pmi---shows a rating of 50.4 for november. a number above 50 indicates economic expansion. joining us now is alyce andres-frantz of chicago mni report. good morning. how are you summing up this latest report? are these numbers good enough? if you look at this report optically it looks very good. you have production up---employment tracking production. you have supplier deliveries lengthening and prices paid up big this month. when you take those four together you think wow this is a really great number but the big key here is new orders down. 5.3 plunging deeper into contraction at 45.3. it's the lowest level since june 2009. this is the biggest weight to this business barometer and this is the thing that held it down this month. you also have a situation this month where we have order backlogs up but still in contraction. it's just not a pretty picture when you have new orders down and order backlogs still in contraction.
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it instills very little confidence in an economic recovery. alyce thanks for that update, have a good morning. thanks to oil revenues, north dakota is booming. so much so that it has to import workers. the menard's store in minot, north dakota is so hard up for staff that it is hiring workers in its wisconsin home base and then flying those new employees -- weekly -- to north dakota. at 2.4% north dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation and currently has 22,000 open positions across the state. a special blend of gasoline could case trouble under the hood. triple a is calling on the epa to suspend the sale of e-15, a blend of gasolne containing 15% ethanol and sold mostly in corn belt states. triple a contends using the fuel could both damage cars and void automaker warranties. the epa approved the new gasoline in june. already, manufacturers including toyota and volkswagen have said their
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warranties will not cover fuel related claims. the l-a auto show continues this week and already, a number of energy efficient vehicles have made their debut. but a number of automakers are saving their best surprises for the north american international auto show in detroit in january. dave guilford is an editor for automotive news. "each auto show has their own hometown thing. la has asian automakers with headquarters in la, detroit has the big 3, in fact, chevy will rollout the new corvette at detroit, this year." not all of the energy-efficient vehicle news was let out of the bag in l-a. nissan says it'll reveal details of its leaf electric vehicle in detroit. word is that it will involve a price drop and an increased driving range per charge. a husband and wife are facing up 20 years in prison after being found guilty for stealing trade secrets while working at gm.
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the two are accused of stealing secrets on gm's hybrid car technology -- to share with car makers in china. general motors contends the the information was worth at least $40 million dollars. prosecutors for the couple argued-- the insider info was not stolen and was useless for other car companies. a bill raising new jersey's minimum wage to $8.50 an hour is before the state's general assembly today for a procedural vote before it heads to governor chris christie's desk. the bill additionally stipulates that new jersey's minimum wage be adjusted automatically, up or down, tied to the consumer price index. the bill did not pass the state assembly last week with enough support to override an anticipated gubernatorial veto. here's a good reason why you might want to check what your references are saying about you.. a new career builder study notes, 62% of employers state that when they contacted an applicant's reference, that person had nothing positive to say about the candidate. three in ten employers say they have caught a fake reference on a
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job application. the study surveyed hiring managers and human resource professionals across industries and company sizes. the majority of working americans say they would "take a pass" on the annual holiday party-- and would rather have the cash. when surveyed--73 percent of employees said they prefer a cash bonus. the second most popular holiday wish is a raise--at 60%. followed by, extra paid time off-- at 36%. on the not so wish list: company stock, health care subsidies, gym membership and holiday party with an open bar. still to come why car insurance companies may be driving off with money you could be investing.. but first-- the new trend in food-- that
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will make the first lady-- very happy. that's coming up with bill moller.. after this.. in the know message
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like fashion and hairstyles, foodservice in fact follows its own trends. so what's in store for the new year? david henkes is a vice president at technomic - the top foodservice research & consulting firm. i guess you would have liked to have gone
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out and done some of the field work yourself but you didn't you're a researcher. well unfortunately i get the desk job and we have other people that go into restaurants for us. i noticed looking at the list---you cover a lot of areas---that health trends are very important. in fact, vegetables will be giving meat a lot of sizzling competition. we've seen a lot ore vegetables appear on a menu. part of it is driven by people going from vegetarian to what we call flexatarian. people that are vegetarians at times and other times having meat. but we're seeing a lot more people that are interested in vegetable menu. so restaurants are adding more things like carrots, kale, brussels sprouts to the menu. part of it is driven by the fact that protein is getting more expensive and so restaurants are naturally adding more vegetables from a cost perspective. brussels sprouts, i'll have to look for that on the menu, i haven't seen them. i like them though. and great grains on the healthside, they are also reigning in prominence. there's certainly is an issue with gluten free that a lot of consumers are trying to avoid and so there are gluten free grains that are out there.
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couscous, bulghur are some other types of grains that are starting to appear on the menu and a lot of it is driven by not only consumer demand but also from a cost perspective in terms of operators trying to be more cost effective on the menu. are you telling me chicken--- isn't it already ubiquitous--- more chicken? more chicken but also different styles of chicken. we're seeing a lot more deep fried chicken on the menu which except for some fast food restaurants you never really saw deep fried on the menu. in addition we're seeing a south american style which is more of a spicy chicken thats really starting to make inroads in restaurants and it's really popular overseas. and overall south american is going to be in a sector of its own. we're starting to see more brazilian food. south america really is hot. the chicken we talked about and a lot of the menu trends are starting to bubble up from south america and really starting to make inroads on the menu. and you also find that restaurants are going to be seeking differentiation through libation variety. the drink menu. beverage is a great area for restaurant operators to
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innovate. we're seeing a lot in terms of microdistilled liquors and spirits. craft beer is certainly hot right now and non-alcoholic. whether its specialty drinks, specialty mock-tails. beverage is a great place to innovate and provide a differentiation for the consumer. i'm a smoothie man myself. hopefully there will be some of that out there. david henkes from technomic, thanks so much. still ahead... why so many motorists take the fast track when it comes to buying car insurance.. and how much they could be getting ripped off.. is next.
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you've heard it here before-- you better shop around when it comes to car insurance.. despite our warnings.. most people are skipping getting several quotes before hooking up with insurance companies. joining us via skype this morning.. john egan-- of which is owned by bank rate. good to have you back on the show. how many people take the time to actually do research for car insurance deals? our survey showed that roughly 20 percent of people had shopped for car insurance in the past year. and that's not a hugely surprising number but i would bet a lot more people should be in that number who are shopping for insurance because they may be leaving money on the table. how much money? it could be hundreds of dollars. everybody's circumstances are different but
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there could be discounts you're not getting or maybe you've got your auto and home insurance with separate companies and you should have it with one company and get a bundling discount that way. why do so few people bother to shop? insurance is a necessary thing but something that people don't really want to think too much about so alot of people just pay their monthly bill or their bill every six months and they don't put a lot of thought into could i be saving money? how do motorists go about shopping if they do look around for car insurance carriers? they need to do some comparison shopping. they can get on the web, they can make phone calls, whatever method you're most comfortable with. what i would say is get at least three separate quotes from three separate carriers. that way you've got a really good
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means of comparison. if you want to get more than that that's fine but get at least three. and we saw in our survey that about 40 percent of car insurance shoppers weren't getting enough quotes when they were going out and looking for coverage. thanks john. that's john egan of just ahead-- a hedge fund is buying up more than 1 million dollar in shares of a real estate stock.. we will tell you which one, right after the break.
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let's say good morning to andrew keene, president of happy monday. good morning angie. you're here to talk about zillow. hedge fund billionaire ken griffen of citadel bought 1.6 million shares in that stock. would you buy that stock? it actually had a really interesting day. it basically opened up and closed on the high. the thing i like most about this company---the one
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thing i don't like about this company---you would think when home sales are doing better, when consumer confidence is getting better than expected, people are starting to spend money, buy houses, construction sales are better than expected.this stock would be going from the bottom left to the top right. it's going the opposite way. it looks like its headed lower, however, short interest is 91 percent. i think i get on everytime we have short interest. last week we talked about green mountain coffee and if green mountain can get through 32. that could get to 40 so the shorts got roasted in green mountain. the shorts are getting roasted in zillow. it has a 52 week low of 21 dollars. two easy ways i would play it. if i wanted to play to the long side i would put a stop under friday's low which is 26 dollars. if i wanted to hold it a little bit longer term, stop under this 21 half which is the 52 week low. i think it can test the gap, possibly get up to this 34 dollar level. it does
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have such a short interest that getting into december i think a lot of weird things are going to happen. we're seeing a lot of these beaten stocks--- groupon, rim. getting some buying pressure---green mountain. i think zillow could be next. what do you think about a hedge fund buyer though? as a trader when you see something like that does it trigger anything in your trading mind? yes and no. ken griffin is obviously a very well respected person and hedge fund manager, especially in the chicago community. citadel is based in chicago. so it makes me perk my interest a little bit more. the 91 percent short interest perks my interest a lot more. thinking that if this stock goes higher it can just keep getting squeezed. like we talked about last week in green mountain coffee, gmcr, the shorts are getting squeezed they're going to have to keep buying and buying all the way up. so as a company i don't like it as much with ken griffin on board buying about 5 percent of the company and the short interest. might be interesting for a trade to the long side. good to have you on the show, that's andrew keene of time for us to get on out here for today... coming up tomorrow-- is the u.s. losing its edge when it comes to innovation? a harvard business professor is out with a warning you won't want to miss. that's it for now.. from all of
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us at first business. .. have a! heavy rain over the weekend created a huge sink hole. we'll tell you how long it will
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take to repair this roadway. all of the weekend rain caused bay area waterways to rise. california's ban on same sex marriage back in the spotlight. the supreme court announcement that could come in two hours. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning december 3rd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm brian flores. we are drying out after a very wet weekend. steve paulson will tell us how long it will last. >> three days. there is one more system. it won't hold a candle to what we had over the last three. watch out for fog this morning. a lot of high clouds spilling over. highs they will be really close today. a lot of upper 50s or right about at 60 degrees. here


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